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Our company aims to help individuals with developmental disabilities by giving them the opportunity to live the life they deserve.

Compassionate Home Health Residential Services, Inc. is committed to delivering quality services to our clients with intellectual differences, developmental disabilities, and mental impairments by focusing on their spiritual, intellectual, social physical, and emotional needs.

We consider ourselves privileged to facilitate our clients’ community integration, safeguard and ensure the protection of their fundamental rights, growth, development, and responsibility, promoting choice and maximum self-sufficiency. We are also committed to working closely with their families and to the prudent and judicious use of resources available to us. We are committed to serving each of our clients with respect, care, and dignity.

We focus on the following:

  • Absolute health and safety of all individuals served
  • Safeguarding the rights of all individuals served
  • Integrating all individuals served into the community
  • Self-determination
  • Encouraging independence
  • Promoting leadership qualities

At Compassionate Home Health Residential Services, Inc., we are staffed with qualified and experienced professionals who are compassionate in serving individuals with intellectual differences, developmental disabilities, and mental impairments. Our team of professionals can provide assistance in care planning and IP implementation, job coaching in supported employment, and in community-based residential facilities.

The services we offer also include the following:

  • Behavioral assessment and support planning
  • Encouraging day program attendance
  • 1:1 awake supervision
  • Awake overnight staffing
  • Psychiatric and psychological services
  • Sex education
  • Psychosocial education
  • Community safety/survival skills training
  • Scheduling for mental health appointment including psychotherapy
  • Transportation to medical appointments
  • Promoting activities of choice to reduce social anxiety and promote positive social interactions
  • Training in personal management skills including banking, budgeting, and shopping
  • Training interpersonal skills and positive social interactions
  • Assistance with positive social interactions
  • Location and Establishing of PCP with baseline physical exams, coordination of medical care, and follow-ups
  • Psychotherapy assistance with setting up AA/NA meetings
  • Baseline dental consultation and follow-ups
  • Baseline nutritional assessment and follow-ups
  • Baseline ophthalmological consultation and follow-ups
  • Psychiatric evaluations and follow-ups
  • Intake/Nursing admission assessment with regular 45 days
  • Nursing reviews by our delegating Nurse.

Enforcing all requirements of probation as ordered from court committed individuals.

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